Aimee & Clint Primal Influence

Having patience, making time to be in nature and the importance of systems. Enjoy my chat with Aimee and Clint from Primal Influence.

Things Mentioned in the Episode

  • What was on the breakfast menu 
  • Background story
  • How Primal Influence came to be and what it has to offer
  • How nature can help get the creative juices flowing!
  • Patience and adaptability
  • Being honest with yourself and asking ‘Is it working?’
  • Specific v’s General
  • Playground/Nature-space for adults
  • What Aimee and Clint are really good at
  • The importance of systems and being accountable
  • Making time for nature
  • What Aimee and Clint have planned for the future
  • Rapid Fire Questions:
    • Favourite Beach: Point Cartwright
    • Favourite Restaurant: Cafe Aimee!
    • Tea of Coffee - Clint = Tea, Aimee = Coffee
    • One suburb they’d never live in: Noosa


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