A big welcome to Leanne Layfield, Executive Officer at The Caloundra Chamber of Commerce. I know Leanne was extremely busy when I scheduled in our conversation, but she made the time and for that I'm very grateful. Leanne and the Chamber are up to some amazing things (which you'll hear about) so I encourage you, if you're at all interested, to have a listen to this episode and check out the Chamber online. A summary of everything we chatted about can be found below. Enjoy.


Things Mentioned in the Episode

  • What Leanne had for breakfast
  • Leanne's background and her start in the tourism industry
  • How Leanne came to work at The Caloundra Chamber and what her role entails
  • Just what is the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce up to?
  • Visit Caloundra
  • The importance of community to the Chamber
  • How to get something started her on the coast
  • How to approach 'networking'
  • Keeping up on current affairs
  • Fridge magnets?? Really??
  • Why Leanne would widen the Bruce Highway
  • Goals and Plans for the next few years
  • Rapid fire questions
    • Favourite Beach - Kings Beach
    • Favourite Cafe - Beau's
    • Tea or Coffee? - Coffee (white with 2 if you were wondering)
    • Where would Leanne never live? - Pacific Paradise


Where to Connect

In Person - Yep, you can still visit people in real life! - 74 Bulcock St, Caloundra QLD 4551

Website -

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