Things Mentioned in the Episode

  • Introduction by past guess Joanne Wilson. Check out her interview here.
  • What I had for breakfast
  • Background check and how I ended up on the coast
  • What I wanted to be when I was a kid
  • Who inspired me along the way
  • Some of the podcasts I listen to:
  • What you may not know about me
  • My why for starting the podcast
  • The most surprising or shocking comment I've had on the podcast
  • Common themes across the interviews
  • What have I implemented from my learnings
  • Who I'd love to have on the podcast
  • The Pecking Order
  • How I switch off from work
  • Rapid Fire Questions:
    • Morning, noon or night: Morning
    • Crossfit or Yoga: Yoga
    • Soccer, Rugby or WWF: Soccer
    • Martini, Beer or Wine: Beer
    • Coast or Hinterland: Coast
    • Favourite Movie: Gladiator or anything with Will Ferrell
    • Favourite Beach: Kings Beach or Mooloolaba
    • Favourite Cafe: Coffee Cat on Kings
    • Favourite Restaurant: Beaus and Spice Bar

Where to Connect

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