Today we hear from Trish Radge, Client Liaison Manager of The Chartist. Trish and her husband Nick have built an amazing business and community teaching others to successfully trade in the stock market. Head over to their website and see for yourself the hard work they've put in to create value for their clients. We can all learn a lot from this episode.



Things Mentioned in the Episode

  • What Trish had for breakfast
  • Entrepreneurial beginnings
  • Travel, Education and how The Chartist came to be
  • Using local based businesses - Kook Multimedia
  • Don't set and forget
  • What has kept Trish motivated to stay in business
  • The mistake of going into a Partnership
  • Employee the right people and playing the long term game
  • Ask by Ryan Levesque
  • CRM software (automate tasks) which has saved Trish and The Chartist at least 2 hours a day:
  • The importance of community to Trish
  • Life Education Cooloola-Noosa
  • Networking, outsourcing and using local businesses
  • Life Beyond 30
  • Keeping kids on the coast through employment opportunities
  • The problem Trish would fix on The Sunshine Coast if she could fix anything (Low cost apartments and zoning)
  • How to go about making a change in your area
  • What's something Trish believes that others would disagree with?
  • Being a good communicator
  • Understanding the boundaries you and your business operate in - do you research!
  • Simplifying processes with standard operating procedures
  • The E-myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber
  • The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande
  • How Trish switches off from work
  • Being a slow adopter
  • Rapid fire questions
  • Noosa and Caloundra Chamber of Commerce

Thanks again to Trish and Nick for welcoming me into their home, making me a coffee, giving me a copy of their book and allowing me to record our conversation.


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